Since 1790

In 1790 and on the ruins of a castle named “De Negrales”, in an estate on the banks of the Jarama River, a noble family built a country palace. The name of such beautiful palace comes from the woods where it was located, locals tell. A pine forest of the ones called “Negrales” in Castilla with dark trunks and high tree tops.
Later and already into the nineteenth century, Don Ignacio de Figueroa y Mendieta, Marquis of Villamejor who was a great enthusiast of horses, founded here his famous stables, the renowned Figueroa group of breeding mares. Part of these stables is still well preserved today.
Don Ignacio was a prodigiously lively man of strong will who lived scornful of danger and with great boldness. Social chronicles tell that he attended the duel field eight or ten times and that in just one day he held three duels.
Initially the Palace had four towers but they were partially destroyed by a fire and upon its reconstruction the building took its current shape.
The Palace is connected with a little brook in the vicinity of the meadows of El Jarama through some tunnels found in the estate’s underground. Apparently, these tunnels were used as an escape route for those persecuted or who feared for their safety. These passages still exist although they are not accessible for safety reasons. Nevertheless, part of them can still be seen from the so called Cuevas del Terrible (Caves of the terrible one).
We know that in the mid nineteenth century, while Don Francisco Sanchez Leton was the estate’s administrator there were twenty families who inhabited this place dedicated to agricultural labor, who lived in the Palace’s adjoining houses built in the purest Castilian style. In what we know today as the Bride’s Room, children used to have their own rural school also supported by the estate.
Until 1980 the estate was devoted to agriculture and it was in 1986 when El Palacio del Negralejo initiated its current journey. Full of hopeful excitement the estate owners Mrs. Laura Satrustegui Figueroa and Mr. Javier Acha Valle decided to join the Palace and the estate with their other passion: Gastronomy; meticulously caring to keep the essence of the place they inherited.

That is how we feel when our journey brings us here.
The Essence of the Palace and the estate remains intact.